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Working globally with a focus on customer experience, design, trends, branding, innovation, tourism and retail

Tuija Seipell  (@tuijaseipell)

Tuija Seipell is a Canadian keynote speaker and business advisor who is both passionate and inspiring. She is not afraid to talk about or express emotions, so her stories and examples stay with people, leading to change.

Tuija's expertise includes customer experience, travel, hospitality, design, retail, creativity, motivation and emotions (especially courage and hope). Her client list includes diverse global and multinational organizations such as Harley-Davidson, Nike and the EUROPARC Federation, plus various cities and government entities. She has also worked with numerous medium-sized and smaller organizations in various countries.

For the past 12 years, Tuija Seipell has been the editor of where her work is read  by millions. Born in Finland, she has lived and worked in Canada for the past 36 years, the last 29 of them in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“We very much appreciated your point of view and many points resonated throughout the conference, the ultimate being ‘honest.’ Your presentation was professional, yet very personal, connecting us to the key concepts. Your work and words will continue to inspire us well beyond the conference.”


Allan Brabo

Sr. Director, Global Operations

Nike Inc. - DTC Global Retail Design

Soon: Return Engagement with Event Organizers

Soon: The Curse of Knowing in Coimbra

LIFT: Media, Arts, Culture... and Michelangelo

Baltic for Events in Tallinn, Estonia

Photo by Vadim Schell.

Celebrating the Events Industry

In April 2018, Tuija again served as an international judge for the Evento Awards, Finland's annual events industry competition held in Helsinki.

Repeat with Top Wedding Photographers

In February 2018, Tuija was a featured speaker at Way Up North 2.0, an international conference of wedding photographers held this year in Stockholm, Sweden and streamed live on the Internet.

Experience Leaders Welcome The Curse of Knowing

Tuija was the keynote speaker at the Customer Experience Management conference in Helsinki in November 2017. One observation that resonated strongly with the audience was that some companies spend far too much effort trying to create a WOW experience when they should first be worrying about executing the basics effectively.

Planning and Creating a Visitor Experience

In late November 2017, Tuija spoke about the importance of values as the basis of customer experience and branding at two brainstorming workshops in Rovaniemi, Finland. The mandate of the group, assembled by the Finnish National Parks Service, was to create "one of the most unique visitor centers in the world."

Advertisers Enthusiastic About The Curse of Knowing

More than 500 conference delegates at Mainontapäivä, the Finnish advertising industry's largest annual event, gave Tuija's presentation The Curse of Knowing an enthusiastic welcome in September 2017